A Samara-based Company Enters International Markets with an In-house Innovative Product

Governor Dmitry Azarov said, more than once, that the current economic environment opens new windows of opportunities for local producers. "The current situation is not only a challenge but opportunities as well; and today’s tasks are those of import replacement", — he emphasized during one of meetings with the regional business community.

The name ‘functional beverages' is not very well known to the general consumers, but it will be a word of mouth very soon. It is a liquid functional water-based food product containing functional ingredients (vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, plant extracts and so on) that increase stamina, improve immunity and well-being of the cardiovascular system, improve metabolism and promote general physical and mental state, when taken regularly.

"This is our contribution to import replacement. Our product replaces an imported product that is available on the market. We are a fully Russian brand with our own production", says the executive Director of the company, Kirill Anufriev.

"Food Innovation" is a family-owned business. The entrepreneurs started their version of functional beverages in a creative and responsible way. They developed formulations, bought equipment, invited technologists and nutrition scientists from different cities of the country, and created their brand. Their joint effort resulted in the project "TUNNER". They specifically focused on selecting natural ingredients and preserving their natural qualities. Four categories of products with unique properties were developed, ENERGY, SPORT, BEAUTY BALANCE, PARTY.

"We have lots of interested partners from Russia and friendly countries. We sign contracts and start shipments. So we see this situation as a chance for a Russian producer. We are in close cooperation with government agencies and make use of all the support measures. It is very important for our company", says Ekaterina Kravchuk.

The product is interesting not only for Russian but for foreign consumers as well. Using the support of the Regional Export Support Center, the top managers of the innovative business product participated in several exhibitions and won high acclaim of their products, several awards and lots of contacts. The company is currently shipping to regions of Russia and to CIS countries. Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates are among those willing to try them, and the Russian consumers can already find them in marketplaces.

The founders of the company are in Belarus now within the delegation from the Samara region. The visit includes business meetings and signing of partnership agreements.