Functional beverage IMMUNITY SHOT

Functional beverage "IMMUNITY SHOT", Vanilla flavor, is designed specifically to support the immune system. It has a marked antimicrobial and antiviral effect thanks to the ginger and rosehip extracts in the formulation as well as the optimal combination of necessary vitamins. IMMUNITY SHOT also supports health of the skin, the oral cavity and the intestinal tract.

Proteins: 0,1 g
Fats: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Energy: 0,5 kcal
Shelf life: 12 months

Weight: 30 g

1 serving / 30 g сontains
Nutritional Value per 30 g / 100 g
Suggested usage


Aqua, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), milk protein concentrate Lactoferrin, natural flavoring "Vanilla", vitamin А, vitamin В9, vitamin D, vitamin С, vitamin В3, vitamin В5, vitamin Е, vitamin В12, vitamin В1, vitamin В2, vitamin В6, vitamin В7, ginger extract, rosehip extract, coloring agent Carthamus extract, preservative potassium sorbate, sweetener sucralose.

1 serving / 30 g сontains

vitamin А 828,75 mcg (31,07%)
vitamin D 73,5 mcg (36,75%)
vitamin Е 1,23 mg (12,32%)
vitamin С 15,23 mg (25,39%)
Tiamin (vitamin В1) 0,28 mg (20,26%)
Riboflavin (vitamin В2) 0,29 mg (17,81%)
Niacin (vitamin В3) 3,3 mg (18,33%)
vitamin В6 0,3 mg (15,02%)
Folacin (vitamin В9) 100 ,00 mcg (50,00%)
vitamin В12 0,6 mcg (60,00%)
Biotin 0,04 mg (73,00%)
Panthothenic acid 1,25 mg (20,83%)
Milk proteine concentrate
Lactoferrin PROFERRIN 125 м

(% of regular daily value)

Nutritional Value per 30 g / 100 g

Proteins 0,1 g / 0,4 g
Fats 0,0 g / 0,0 g
Carbohydrates 0,6 g / 1,9 g
Energy (calorific value) 0,5 kcal (2,1 kJ) / 1,6 kcal (6,7 kJ)

Suggested usage

Knead the stick before usage. Suggested use: not more than two (2) sticks per day; course intake 14 days every 3 months.


Idiosyncrasy to product components. Pregnancy, lactation. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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